A few tens of millions of years ago, a child was born in a rich family in the human biggest Empire. That child, more than his wealth got another blessing, his talent was limitless. His parents sent him to the greatest school and his teacher was a talentless mage scientist nammed Alphonse. 

That teacher saw in Alfara a way to get to his dream indirectly, a way to become the strongest in this world. Alphonse, despite the fact he was talentless was the better scientist that ever existed. He created spells to have a control over everything and taught them to Alfara. Alfara became really strong thanks to Alphonse but as strong as he was becoming, as hateful his heart was, Alfara started to bully others. One day, Alfara became the first being that could control universe, even if he was limited in what he could do at the moment. 

However, Alfara, at that time, became despicable with Alphonse, he could not stand the fact that his teacher was weaker than him whereas he was just a child, so one day, he attacked Alphonse asking for a duel. But let's not speak about the duel, that sole attack from Alphara hurt a lot Alphonse and he almost died from it. Alphonse, avenged himself and sealed with a secret magic Alfara's power. A few months after that, Alphonse was being executed for treason. Alfara took every single book Alphonse wrote and tried to find a way to get his powers back but there was no way. Alfara's body was not that strong since he had been a mage until then and everyone was mocking him. 

At that moment, Alfara met someone nammed Zacaria. Zacaria was really nice with Alfara despite the fact that he was so weak, Zacaria was not really talented too and he had often been bullied by Alfara but he did not care. One day, Zacaria told Alfara he had a way to get them stronger, even stronger than Alfara was before but that it had a cost, Zacaria made a life and death contract with Alfara saying that they would not stop that operation or they would die. Alfara, desperate because of his power lost, followed Zacaria because he never even imagined what Zacaria had in mind.

Zacaria created a disaster and killed many people. Zacaria was using a absorb other people strength and Alfara could no longer control himself because of the life and death contract, Alfara saw himself killing his own parents, he was crying and screaming asking Zacaria to stop but it was no use. 

Alfara feeling something weird was coming, only used that power to lift the spell Alphonse used and released all the power he had absorbed. Zacaria, who did not do it, became a demon who had to kill to stay alive and Alfara trained his own strength to its maximum.

Twenty years later, Alfara ascended and became the youngest god of all time. But other gods could not accept Alfara's succes and decided to set him a trap, they said that if he wanted to be accepted in the sky city, he had to clear a little mission, they even said that, with his talent, they would make him the god of gods. Alfara accepted and he once again made a mistake.

The mission he accepted was to elimate the demon race Zacaria created. After a long battle, Alfara won and beat Zacaria, but he felt pitiful and let the demons who were the closest to Zacaria alive telling other gods he killed them. Other gods never expected that outcome and fear entered the sky city, Alfara was the new strongest man in this world.