Current Status

The script covers the majority of the game's main quest over several tens of thousands of words and a lot of the game's music, graphics and voices have already been produced or recorded. However, the development of the game is only at the alpha of the Demo for budgetary reasons. This is why we hope to have a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to be able to develop this prototype. 

According to our estimates, with a successful campaign, the game can be finished in February 2021.


Legacy will be a PC game and its sale will take place on Steam, but in the possibility of the game's success, our website will become the game's download platform. There are also plans to launch the game on consoles and phones with positive feedback, so we hope you have a good time playing Legacy.

Long Term Vision

Following the release of the game, our vision is to first launch DLCs and related derivative products. Then, we would like to create a multiplayer version of Legacy. Transforming our RPG into an MMO RPG is totally possible. Depending on the success of the game, a sequel could be created. We already have several ideas on this subject. Aside from bug fixes and polishing, new characters, environments, and gameplay improvements will often be offered during the first few months of the game's release to thank our buyers.


The game will be produced on Unreal Engine 4. This engine is overpowering and allows you to create environments with great realism. Our development team is very experienced with Unreal Engine 4 and we assure you that we can deliver a game with very high quality environments.