(To enjoy the demo more you should play it before you read the story line since it will spoil you some of its content)

Humans are the weakest race in this world and do you know what happens to the weak? You get eaten by the strong. Gods see humans as helpless, they didn't hesitate a single second when they learned a secret magic could make them live longer in exchange for human lives. But that era of prosperity for gods had to come to an end. Eufrasio, a demigod son of Alfara, the god of gods and second strongest being, stepped into the mess. Eufrasio had human blood in his veins because of his mother, so he could not resign to leave humans in that state. He decided to go to war against the gods, but despite all his efforts, he lost. 

A few years later, humans were in a desperate situation. Gods, after they won the war, sent drought, famine, and powerful monsters to the human world to punish humans and only rich cities survived the curse. In Igrasil, the humans' kingdom, Eufrasio was no more than a legend. For some reason, everyone eventually forgot about him. Humans believed "Eufrasio" was the name given to their revolutionary spirit that was burning inside them. The situation was desperate, but at the peak, where it seemed that nothing could go worse, a young man came to help humans. A new legend was born.

A last hope came to humans as they had finally found their way out of this torment, however, that human was not exploiting his potential to their maximum and he did not have any memories of his past. In this world where the training of someone was determined with their "level", his level was similar to that of magic school-child. Humans decided he had to train in order to become stronger and get allies so they sent him on adventures, dungeon clearings, and missions in order to increase his level.
You are that young man with the fate to change the world. Travel around the continent of Vandora and meet legendary beasts and races while becoming stronger and to get the memories taken away from you. You never forgave those who took them and revenge is a sentiment burning deep inside your heart.