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August 3

New music videos for Urma's Malice (Ivan Duck) and Oriorn's support (Baptiste Escoffier)!

One time, after he met Urma, Oliorn had been hit by Urma's poison while being careless. It is not something that would hurt him of course but that poison stayed on him and when he returned to his job of keeper, all other guardians had died. Urma's poison had spread in the sea and caused a lot of damage. During the next one hundred years, Oriorn got to be the sole keeper of the sea temple. He almost died many times because of countless enemy attacks but after those hundred years, Oriorn came back stronger and legends say he even managed to evolve.

July 29

New graphics of legendary beasts made by Aghni Ghofarun received. 

It has always been said that Kultros and Reas are the two most powerful heavenly creatures in the world. However, these have not been seen in the heavens for several millennia. Some say that something makes them afraid of flying and others that they are no longer able. But who is the entity that would be able to drive these two legendary birds from the skies?

July 27

The first 3D Alfara model produced for the game's demo, it will be available after the demo in a more realistic version. 

Alfara's divine power is the universe, he can control the planets, meteorites and other elements coming from space at his will. However, no one has ever seen him use his divine power. When he fights, Alfara uses his magic circle created by his apprentice. This magic circle is stronger depending on its bearer so Alfara has nothing to fear. Despite the fact that his divine power is more powerful, he was only forced to use it once, against Zacaria. 

July 25

New music by Shane Chauhan named "Dragon Slayer". 

There is a legend circulating around the dragon race, that all dragons are descended from one dragon and that dragon is still alive. However, writings of dragons from tens of millions of years ago suggest otherwise. Indeed, how could a dragon have lived for such a long time without dying of old age? 

Dragon Slayer:

16 July

New graphics of legendary beasts made by Aghni Ghofarun and 3D clothing models of the gods received. 

Urma and Oliorn are the dominant legendary beasts of the underground. It is said that Urma's poison is so powerful that no life form could live close to it and therefore his only friend would be Oliorn, one of the only ones who could come near him. But Oliorn is a keeper and unfortunately can't stray from his territory often. Urma, unable to endure this loneliness any longer, decided that he would soon go on a journey to join her friend, but what will be the consequences of moving this deadly zone? 

July 14

Start of our cooperation with our new manager, Diego Gonzalez, and launch of social networks as well as the Legacy discord server! In addition, the making of the game logo has just been completed.

Eres, god of electricity, had one day discovered a magic that would allow anyone to use electricity as lightning mages could. This magic could store electricity in objects in order to obtain power and be able to think like gods. However, he destroyed his own discovery, lest she rebel against him.

Friendly Monsters!:
Dwarves' Power:
A Legendary Kingdom:

June 27

Beginning of our collaboration with William P. Griese Jr. to write the history of each breed. Donors will have access to these by mid-August, and others will have to wait two more months. We have also received some environmental music from Baptiste Escoffier, which is very short, but with your contributions, we can make them longer. In the meantime, here is the music of environments of half-monster realms, and dwarves. 

The eight kingdoms are now in a state of animosity but it should be known that this was not always the case. It all started the day Eufrasio officially announced that he would help avaricious  humans to launch declarations of war on the whole world. They won all wars and a great military force. However, when they came back defeatist from their fight with the gods, the other races jumped at the chance for revenge, but the living beings are stingy and rather than simply returning each other's territories, each race wanted to profit and develop. Since then, the world is in crisis, and the human kingdom, already victim of the curse of the gods, degraded and reached the highest death rate ever.

June 23

We received two animated bosses on their thrones in 2.5D as well as the music "The Last Fight" corresponding to the fight with Alfara. The drawings were made by Aghni Ghofarun and the music by Shane Chauhan.

Alfara and Zacaria actually had no animosity towards each other, however, these two men were born in the period of the conquest of immortality ten million years ago and one day they discovered that it was necessary for them to kill each other in order to obtain this immortality. Unfortunately for Zacaria, it is Alfara who managed to seize it and become the second living immortal being in the world.

this slowpoke moves
this slowpoke moves
The Last Stand:
Urma's malice:

June 15

New music created by Ivan Duch for three of the five legendary beasts. "The Wisdom of Kultros", "The Malevolence of Urma" and "The Strength of Idrius". 

The 5 legendary beasts appeared overnight according to ancient records. No one knows how they were born or where they were found. All we know is that they all appeared at the same time in the four corners of the world and each destroyed an entire kingdom when they appeared. From then, they have never been seen again, or maybe they have but what is certain is that none ever came back after meeting one of them.

June 7

First songs made by Shane Chauhan. "The Wrath of the Gods" and "Ready for battle". It is finally time for humans to rebel, but this rebellion will come at a price. The wrath of the gods; will humans be able to survive it and overthrow the tyranny of which the gods are in power? Or will this attempt fail just like the previous ones? 

Gods' Wrath:
A Town of Dreams:

May 16

First graphics of the game made by Aghni Ghofarun received; we look forward to your feedback. Ten million years ago, Alfara, god of the universe and Zacaria, demon god clashed. Alfara narrowly emerged victorious and became the god at the head of the others. This is what was told in the books, but is it really?