Cyebin, the best magic school the world ever knew, created loads of powerful mages. But in that school, not everyone had talent. 

Zacaria was a young boy with a low talent compared to others. He was living in a poor family and he had troubles at home with them. His parents were constantly arguing and his father was sometimes even beating his mother. Despite all that, Zacaria's mother loved him. One day, his mother cheated on her dad with a noble to get him into Cyebin.

At first, Zacaria was happy about his admission and he wanted to do his best to impress his mother and support her for what she did. However, after a few weeks when he met Alphonse, a great scientist who was also a talentless mage, he quickly understood there was no way for a talentless child like him to get anywhere.

Alphonse and Zacaria became really close, they were speaking about their talentless lives and a strong relationship was born between them. One time, when Zacaria and Alphonse were speaking, Alphonse mentioned he had a new disciple and that he found a hope to make his dream about being the strongest in this world come true through him, he told Zacaria that if he could not do it, there would no longer be any reason for him to live. 

One day, when Zacaria was going to Alphonse's office, he saw guards burning almost everything. It did not take long for Zacaria to understand what happened. Zacaria asked those guards if Alphonse had committed suicide but guards the explained to him that was not the case. Alphonse was now a criminal in the prison sentenced to death. Zacaria ran to the prison under the capital castle to try to speak to Alphonse.

Zacaria used magical shoes Alphonse created that could make people walk through walls to get into his cell to free him but Alphonse did not accept release. He told Zacaria his only wish was to see his disciple become the strongest in this world and that he might have a way to help Zacaria achieve it. Alphonse gave a manuscript to Zacaria about a spell that could made someone absorb others magical power by killing them. Zacaria, desperate, did not hesitate a single second and started to set up what the world would later call "The Demonic Disaster", the worst terrorist attack the world ever knew. 

However, one problem came up, Zacaria was not strong enough to kill powerful mages. He needed an ally and that was when Zacaria heard about a young man named Alfara who recently lost all his magical power because of a forbidden spell. Alfara was someone who often bullied and mocked Zacaria before, but it did not matter. He was a young man in a desperate situation and it was enough to make Zacaria know it would be easy to convince him. Zacaria told Alfara he had a way to help him regain his powers without explaining details and made a life and death contract with him so that he could not back off. 

Zacaria and Alfara killed millions becoming stronger and stronger every death, but everything comes with a price. Zacaria could not bear the power of all these absorbed souls and he became a demon. Zacaria was now one of the strongest in the world and had accomplished Alphonse's wish but he was no longer the owner of his own mind, only killing could satisfy him. 

Zacaria took four humans other his wing and made them become demons. Later, those four became the four archdemons and killed hundred of thousands of innocents. 

Zacaria was just about to become the strongest in the world when Alfara, who had become a god came to him. The fight between Alfara and Zacaria took a complete decade and after a really harsh battle, Alfara ended up killing Zacaria.